HLPA members will act in the best interests of clients when advising them and conducting litigation on their behalf provided there is no conflict with the Code of Conduct of the member’s professional body or duty to the Court.

HLPA members will at all times behave and act in a manner which will uphold the standing and good reputation of housing specialists and HLPA.

No HLPA member shall pursue a frivolous claim or issue. However, no HLPA member should refrain from taking or pursuing a claim or issue that s/he believes to have merit.

No HLPA member shall make excessive or unnecessary monetary charges to the client. HLPA lawyers and legal advisers will ensure that prospective and existing clients are at all times fully informed, where relevant, of the availability of legal aid.

No HLPA member shall personally or through an agent make representations of experience or specialist skills which they do not possess.

No HLPA member shall knowingly make any statement, whether in publicity material or otherwise, to a prospective client or to an existing client which may give the client false expectations.

No HLPA member shall undertake false, deceptive or misleading advertising.

No HLPA member shall pay or receive a fee or any other consideration for a client introduction or seek such payment or other consideration.

No HLPA member shall personally or through a representative directly contact a potential client where there has been no request for such contact save by use of“permitted advertising”. “Permitted advertising” is such advertising as complies with the Code of Practice of the Advertising Standards Authority and the rules of the member’s relevant professional body. For the avoidance of doubt, no HLPA member shall personally, or through a representative, telephone or attend at private dwellings in order to obtain potential clients. This section does not apply to HLPA members working in the not for profit sector.

No HLPA member shall accept a referral where any condition attached to the referral seeks to compromise the member’s discretion as to instruction of experts.

No HLPA member shall knowingly accept a client introduction from any third party, whether a HLPA member or not, who obtained the said introduction by means contrary to this Code.

No HLPA member shall make public statements or write articles or publish other written material on behalf of HLPA without prior approval from the Executive Committee.