To promote, foster and develop equal access to the legal system.

To promote, foster and develop the rights of homeless persons, tenants and others who receive housing services or are disadvantaged in the provision of housing.

To foster the role of the legal process in the protection of tenants and other residential occupiers.

To foster the role of the legal process in the promotion of higher standards of housing construction, improvement and repair, landlord services to tenants and local authority services to public and private sector tenants, homeless persons and others in need of advice and assistance in housing provision.

To promote and develop expertise in the practice of housing law by education and the exchange of information and knowledge.


provide a professional service

keep their clients regularly informed

proceed expeditiously with all matters on which they are instructed

keep themselves informed, educated and up to date with current law, practice and procedure in their relevant areas of expertise

share information with other HLPA members

ensure that clients are fully aware of and fully and professionally advised on all costs issues including legal aid

ensure that clients have the opportunity to receive advice on the investment and/or use of damages.

HLPA members recognise that breaches of this Code of Conduct will be deemed to be contrary to the interests of HLPA. Alleged breaches will be dealt with in accordance with paragraph 4 (c) of the Constitution and, if proved, membership may be terminated as set out in that paragraph.

Meetings for members are held every two months. These consist of discussions led by experienced practitioners which cover recent developments in housing law and topics suggested by members. The discussion is followed by an information exchange when members are encouraged to raise queries and points of interest arising from their own practice.

Members will also receive mailings, containing notices of meetings, detailed minutes of previous meetings and circulars from other members. The Association also contributes to the development of housing and legal policy by responding to consultation documents and proposed legislation.