When does an occupier have a right to await a possession order under section 3 Protection from Eviction Act 1977?
FAQ 1 section 3 PfE Act 1977

Fixed term tenancies: can landlord require notice from tenant if he intends to leave on last day of fixed term?
FAQ 2 Fixed term leaving last day

Can an EEA national who is currently unemployed be treated as a ‘worker’ on the basis of previous employment and thus be eligible for assistance as a homeless person?
FAQ 3 EEA national retaining worker status

What happens when a person is evicted from temporary accommodation provided under section 193 Housing Act 1996 (the full housing duty to homeless persons)?
FAQ 4 Intentionally homeless from TA

Can a landlord who has failed to protect a tenant’s deposit escape the 3 x deposit penalty under section 214 Housing Act 2004 by complying late? Can a tenant bring a claim for the 3 x deposit penalty after the tenancy has ended?
FAQ 5 Tenancy deposit sanctions

Common problems with joint landlords
FAQ 6 Joint landlord problems

Section 21 notices: what is the last day of a period of the tenancy where the period is different from the day on which rent is due?
FAQ 7 section 21 notices last day

Can a local authority `Housing Options’ service insist on a homeless person accepting an offer of private sector accommodation?
FAQ 8 Housing options PRS tenancy

In what circumstances can a person be excluded or suspended from a local authority’s allocation scheme?
FAQ 9 Suspension from allocation scheme

Does a non-tenant spouse of a secure/assured tenant have any rights to remain if the tenant leaves or goes into residential care?
FAQ 10 Non-tenant spouse of secure tenant

Can a joint secure tenant have the tenancy transferred into her sole name if the other tenant leaves?
If the tenancy is transferred into her sole name, will there be a right of succession to the tenancy on her death?
FAQ 11 Joint secure tenant other tenant left