HLPA is surveying members and others in order to help respond to (i) the Justice Select Committee’s inquiry in to Future of Legal Aid and (ii) the Government’s review of Administrative Law.
These two inquiries deal with existential issues not just for HLPA members, but also affect our clients and their rights very deeply. The same is true for many other areas of law and advocacy.
Please help to re-publicise the survey widely.
Legal aid – the rights of ordinary people to access the law have already been eroded. This process is not inevitable and must be reversed to prevent inequality between those who can and can not afford access to justice.
Administrative law – HLPA members use administrative law to guarantee the legal rights of homeless people in the county courts and the High Court, tenants facing eviction in the county courts, and people needing social care for themselves or their children.
Please complete the survey and urge anyone else who you think should in order to that we can make sure ourselves heard at this critical moment.
We’ll leave the survey open as long as we can but please respond as soon as you can.

Thank you.