We have a full programme of seminars for the next year. These are specialist training sessions by experienced practitioners ideal for those in the first few years after qualification or those looking to fill out their training in a specific topic. The seminars are open to all members and there is a fee.

The seminars take place in central London venues between 6 pm and 8 pm. Booking forms and further details will be circulated to members in advance of each seminar and will be available on the website. The following dates are subject to final confirmation.

29 Feb 2012:
Advocacy Training. Doughty Street Chambers

18 April 2012:
How to Defend Subletting Cases to Prevent A Possession Order – and a Criminal Record?

13 June 2012:
Homeless Cases – Has the Duty Been Discharged?

12 September 2012:
Tips and Tricks for dealing with the Housing Possession Duty Desk

19 October 2012:
How to Quantify Damages in Disrepair Cases

5 December 2012:
To set aside or the Appeal: That is the Question? – what to do when your client seeks advice after the order for possession has already been made.